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Wazifa :- Wazifa word that literally means the amount word is that descriptive described as generally typical wages, gifts, and specific positions. Allah has mentioned in various places in the Holy Book of the Quran, many of the Prophet Readability Wazifa time of his difficulties. Such type of studies is important and beneficial in removing one from the same difficulties. The Arabic word Wazifa is translated into English which means working. However, the word Wazifa which is commonly used to refer to the specific side or the habit of reading some lessons or phrases to get the prize in Sufism. The Word Wazifa refers to the oppression of God's qualities, which is mediation or arbitration on some 99 or all the names of Allah.

Although the word or phrase is taken from Islamic texts in Wazifa in which the Quran is being used, the Sunnah is not based on it. The thinking behind the stipend that will provide a specific reward or favor for a few days for something special to say to a particular number. Wazifa there are different reasons or reasons why we should not use the stipend and instead should be made in place of praying. It is Allah is not a vending machine because Muslims recognize and acknowledge that Allah knows al-Allah and all the powerful and he alone knows what will be best for us in his life. There is no basis in the teachings of Idea Islam, to change or change the rituals, contrary to this, therefore we need this idea or reject it.

Islamic Wazifa has a lot of power which can perform all possible to impossible, perhaps for the purpose of the wishes of any kind is very authentic and powerful Wazifa. However, it should also be valid and valid. Such kind of desires should not be forbidden or should not be haraam, for example if a job is needed which is real and halal or mandatory and eager to marry our choice with money, Come back to love, get acceptance marriage proposal that would like to send the person to the boy or girl whom you prefer Sometimes parents agree to get married .Islam is the best religion on the earth. It presents the solution for all types of problems of human beings. Quran and it verses which have tremendous effects. We shall share some Islamic Wazifa with you for the solution of all problems.

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