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Husband wife problem :- The relationship of husband and wife which is extremely lovable and which held an exclusive position of every one life. In that relationship man and woman, they are shared feeling, emotions etc with each other. But occasionally the problems enter in that relation then its relations is stands on disport positions. If a man and woman have a strong and healthy relationship that is before marriage then there is formalizing their commitment which may lead them to a deeper and more satisfying the relationship. The breakup of any relationship that began with a lover and deep commitment which entails some sense of loss. There is always thought and feeling that goes with it. The Astrologer of Husband wife problem given the best solution in every point of view.

The Astrologer of Husband wife problem which may be compounded by a sense of failure. If we had only the wisdom which is to act differently, the relationship would have survived. Sometimes our self-esteem is hurt, if only temporarily. Our relationships that may have become part our sense of personal identity, separation or divorce which means that we are losing a part of ourselves as we feel diminished. Then there is the fear of being alone, which is of facing the world that is without the support of the relationship, however flawed. For some of us the prospect which are devastating. Even under these best possible circumstances which are reconciled to the necessity of going their separate ways, there is a pain.

Husband wife problem has to play an important role in her life and both have to balance their marriage life or life process; there is equality husband-wife relationship who is working with his creation. When they show their liability with love, then that care is the companion who can save a married life. Love is required in love because it is the soul of two people who are forever in permanent form when marriage partners are marrying then dispute or misunderstanding is the only subject which can cause great problems in married life which are initially It is used because the partnership is not talking to the relationship which is bound to go in a tube.

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